Can the Shenzhen New Model Residents’ Committee Prevent Domestic Violence?

Ye Yuyan

On October 24th 2018, while he was in Shenzhen, President Xi visited Beizhan community in the city’s Longhua District. He was very pleased to see what Longhua district had done to provide better services to residents.[1]

President Xi at Beizhan Community, Longhua District (photo ©Xinhua News

Even though the national Anti-Domestic Violence Law designates local residents’ committees as part of a broader system of organizations to prevent domestic violence[2], it does not specify how the committee can do the job. The Shenzhen model has demonstrated a possible way.

This article discusses how one district in Shenzhen has reformed its residents’ committees to be more efficient and professional in serving residents, along with its implications of … Read the rest

STL Law Review Blog meets the world

Professor Susan Finder

I’m pleased to be able to guide an outstanding team of STL students to establish a blog on Greater Bay/Pearl River Delta-related Chinese legal issues, befitting STL’s role as China’s most innovative law school in China’s most innovative city. The students are for the most part in their second year at STL. This blog will enable our STL law students to provide their unique perspective on Chinese legal issues to the English-speaking world. Many thanks to Dina Yehia Salaheldin, Writing and Research Specialist at STL for her assistance.

Why a blog? Because that is what everyone in the legal professional world outside China reads. The blog will supplement the STL Law Review, to be published in an … Read the rest